IV extension tubes

IV extension tube/Connecting tube/

connecting tube with 3 way stopcock 2connecting tube with 3 way stopcockconnecting tube with 3 way stopcock 3connecting tubeconnecting tube antiskid Ra wire3way stopcock


IV extension tubes, 3 way stopcocks, antiskid “Ra” wire.

IV extension tubes with or without 3 way stopcocks is used for the connection between the infusion device and tube.  We can provide many models and sizes.

Three-way stopcocks are available as a complete set. 3 way stopcocks provide an efficient valve and can be used in all current pressure infusion systems. 

Different specifications are available according to customer’s requirements.

Package: sterile package.

IV extension tubes Product No.:MK01-002
Model Size
ø2.0*ø1.0 500mm,1000mm,1500mm
ø2.5*ø1.6(Option:with 3 way stopcock) 1500mm,2000mm,2500mm,3000mm
ø3.0*ø2.0(Option:with 3 way stopcock) 500mm,1000mm,2000mm
ø3.8*ø2.8(Option:with 3 way stopcock) 100mm,1500mm,2000mm,2500mm,3000mm
ø10*ø8(antiskid “Ra” wire) 2000mm,3000mm
3 way stopcock universal